Was Central Elementary Haunted?

Living in the area, I drove past this location many, many times and it never occurred to me it might be home to supernatural activity. So, when I first heard the rumors, my first reaction was, “What?! Get outta here!

Well, apparently, there were claims of paranormal activity going on inside this unassuming elementary school building. Instances of shadowy figures and strange noises made up the majority of alleged experiences. There were even some instances when shadows were seen in the windows at night and lights which had been turned off at the end of the day were found on again the next morning.

The 83-year old school was closed in 2012 and the building, as well as several adjacent parcels, were sold to developers to make way for the Mercy Health Sylvania Medical Center (pictured above), which opened for business in 2015.

To my knowledge, there have been no known investigations of the allegations concerning paranormal activity.

Central Elementary was torn down and the Mercy Health Sylvania Medical Center was erected in its place. It is located on the corner of King Road and Central Avenue in Toledo, Ohio.

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Christopher Tillman

Author | Filmmaker | Speaker Christopher Tillman has been actively exploring claims of the paranormal since 1993. He currently resides in Toledo, Ohio.

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