Did Somebody Say Something?

Lisa Faye, a fellow researcher into things unknown, sent me a very short recording from an EVP session she conducted.

Like any good ghosthunter, she always seeks out the input of others before rushing to judgment on any evidence she collects.

It’s a very short audio file, under 6 seconds. It was recorded on June 27, 2016 while inside a residential garage in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Take a listen and tell us what you think. Is it a voice? If so, can you make out what it may be saying?

The garage in which this was recorded appears to be the center of activity in the house, including the attic space above it.

Is this a true EVP? Give us your opinion!

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Christopher Tillman

Author | Filmmaker | Speaker Christopher Tillman has been actively exploring claims of the paranormal since 1993. He currently resides in Toledo, Ohio.

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