Fulton County Historical Museum

The Fulton County Historical Museum is located in a two-story brick building, erected in 1868, and boasts an incredible 23 distinct spirits roaming the grounds, leading to claims that it’s one of the most haunted buildings in northwest Ohio.

The museum has been in operation since 1969, but the building it sits in originally started out as a high school. It operated as such until 1904. Then, in 1905, the building was converted into a hospital. By 1930, it was again re-purposed for use as an apartment complex.

In 1969, Ruth Campbell donated the building to Fulton County’s historical society. She was instrumental in moving the small museum collection from the county courthouse to its new location here. In fact, both her and her husband, Rease, donated many of the items in the collection.

With help from a variety of paranormal investigators and psychics, the Fulton County Historical Museum has identified almost two dozen spirits who frequently wander the building. Some of the more active bits of phenomena include,


Two different psychics are said to have independently confirmed the spirit of a young boy, named Johnny.

Johnny seems to be the most active and most popular spirit running around the museum. It is said he was an orphan who died in the building when it housed the hospital.

He seems to be a happy child, even in death, and has been blamed for any number of childish pranks reported by museum staff and visitors. From jumping on the beds upstairs to removing ornaments from the museum’s Christmas tree, and of even throwing acorns at a museum volunteer.

Sometime in the 1990s, a visitor’s child claims to have seen a little boy sitting on the stairs and had asked his mother if he could go upstairs and play with him. “Play with who?” the mother asked. There was no little boy there.

Interestingly, some unidentified paranormal investigators have even claimed to have captured Johnny’s voice on EVP at least twice in the south end of the building.

The Smoking Ghost

Visitors to the museum often remark about the telltale smell of pipe smoke in some parts of the building. According to the claims of psychics, the spirit responsible for this is an older gentleman who, it seems, is spending his afterlife looking for his misplaced glasses.

Investigators also claim to have made contact with this spirit through EVP. When asked, “What is your name?“, the spirit replied with what sounds like either “Christian” or “Christopher.”

The Older Lady

At the south end of the museum, visitors and employees have reported seeing the ghost of a woman wearing a white blouse and red skirt. Some people speculate this may be the spirit of Ruth Campbell, the woman who donated the building to the museum and who also donated many of the items to the collection. Perhaps she still likes check in now and then?


Not much is fully known about this spirit other than psychics say her name is Abigail and that she was a mail-order bride.

Sightings of Abigail are reported often.

The School Child

Since at least 2009, many people have reported hearing the voice of a small child in the old schoolroom. Some say she is looking for her mother. One visitor to the museum even claimed to have seen her. In the hallway just outside the schoolroom sometime in 2004, this ghostly school child momentarily appeared. She had long, dark hair and was wearing a white nightgown.

The Bearded Man

The spirit of a bearded man is often seen pacing at the south end of the building, near the old schoolroom. On at least one occasion, photographic evidence of this spirit was obtained.

The Nursery

Many visitors and staff often point to the old nursery as being one of the most haunted areas of the building. It is hear that many claim to have heard the sounds of babies crying, witnessing a ball that moved by itself, and even feelings of being touched by unseen hands.

Several EVP recordings have been made over the years containing sounds of phantom organ music and voices. A short “shadow person” was also filmed in this area at some point in 2009.

The Attic

The museum, for the most part, seems to be a happy place. Except for the attic. Psychics maintain that, at some point in the building’s history, a depressed nurse went to the attic and hung herself.

In 2010, paranormal investigators claim to have captured what they believe is her voice on audio. As the researchers were ascending the stairs into the attic, their recorders picked up a voice saying, “Now what?

The Fulton County Historical Museum certainly seems like it would qualify as being one of northwest Ohio’s most haunted locations. Perhaps this is why, for the last few years, the museum has been offering public ghosthunts. If you’re in the area, maybe you should sign up for a tour and see what you can see for yourself.

The Fulton County Historical Museum is located at 229 Monroe Street in Wauseon, Ohio.

Fulton County Historical Museum

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