Ghost Hunting Students Put Their Class Work To The Test

Laser grid set up in the basement of Flying Rhino Coffee in Toledo, Ohio

Last night was the big night for students of Harold St. John’s class, “Ghost Hunting 101.” For their final class, students had the opportunity to put into practice everything they’ve learned over the past few weeks as they investigated allegations of haunting phenomena at Flying Rhino Coffee in downtown Toledo, Ohio.

On the hunt for ghosts at Flying Rhino Coffee.

Students met at the downtown establishment, divided up into groups, and were equipped with all kinds of ghost hunting gear and accessories. I had the honor of being asked to lead a group of students through the dark building last night. With the exception of some high EMF measurements throughout the building and various REM Pod ‘hits,’ things seemed pretty quiet. But that didnt put a damper on the fun everyone was having.

High EMF readings were recorded all over Flying Rhino Coffee.

The “Ghost Hunting 101” class is a four-week class, offered by Owens Community College and taught by Harold St. John, Butch Leon, and other members of the Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunters Society. (TOGHS)

If you missed your chance to take the class, not to worry! Owens has scheduled two more classes, the first one coming in June. Stay tuned to Haunted Toledo for more info as we get it!

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Christopher Tillman

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