Haunted Toledo Explores The Supernatural Claims Surrounding Iconic Toledo Restaurant Tony Packo’s Cafe

Saturday, March 11, Haunted Toledo teamed up with the Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunter Society and the 222 Paranormal Podcast to take a look at the claims of supernatural activity taking place within the walls of the world-famous Tony Packo’s Cafe.

Butch Leon of the Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunter Society attempts to make contact with the spirit of a young girl in the basement of Tony Packo’s Cafe.

For years, employees have claimed to witness odd, shadowy figures and movement inside the building, most notably in and around the restaurant’s gift shop. The apparition of a young girl has also been seen near a basement storage area.

Is this part of the basement at Tony Packo’s haunted by a phantom child?

Are the claims true? Is this iconic eatery haunted by the spirits of the past?

The allegedly haunted gift shop at Tony Packo’s Cafe

Keep an eye on this site, as well as the Toledo Ohio Ghost Hunter Society and the 222 Paranormal Podcast, for any news on what evidence, if anything, we might have uncovered!

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Christopher Tillman

Author | Filmmaker | Speaker Christopher Tillman has been actively exploring claims of the paranormal since 1993. He currently resides in Toledo, Ohio.

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