Haunted Toledo Is Poised To Take Its Next Big Step!

Pre-production has commenced on a new web series featuring tales from right here in the Toledo area!

“Legends of Lucas County” will make its debut on YouTube in May of 2017 with twelve, 15-minute videos highlighting some of the more famous (and not so famous) haunted locations in the Glass City!

Each video will bring you to the locations you’ve only read or heard stories about! You’ll see where strange events are said to transpire and meet the people who claim to have experienced the legends for themselves!

We’re pretty excited about this new adventure and we hope we’re able to provide everything you’re looking for in a web series – a strange tale, some mystery, some history and, hopefully, some entertainment.

The foundations of ghosthunting and paranormal research are found in the local legends and hidden history that surround us. We hope you’ll join us in exploring the places, people, and events that have become forever linked to Toledo’s strange and unusual folklore!

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Christopher Tillman

Author | Filmmaker | Speaker Christopher Tillman has been actively exploring claims of the paranormal since 1993. He currently resides in Toledo, Ohio.

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