Haunted Toledo Visits Jupmode, A Toledo Business With A Ghostly Guest

You may never have heard of Jupmode but I’m fairly certain you’ve seen some of their work. They are a successful screen printing and embroidery business, and they provide their services to businesses and events all over the region and beyond. They’re even the ones behind the “You Will Do Better In Toledo” shirts.

After several years of being located in Perrysburg, they’ve made the move to a showroom and production facility on Adams Street in downtown Toledo. Not long after moving in to their new location, the staff of Jupmode began experiencing things they never expected.

Strange noises were heard throughout the building, including an odd scraping sound from the second story. It sounded as if something very heavy was being dragged across the floor, which is not in use and remains empty.

Feelings of being watched are frequently experienced and production equipment has been tampered with on occasion. But it was when employees began seeing ghosts that a decision was made to call in help.

Al Luna and his team, PSEI, prepare for a night of investigation at Jupmode.

Al Luna of Paranormal Spirit Encounter Investigations (facebook.com/Parasei) agreed to meet with John Amato, President and CEO of Jupmode, and his staff. After hearing what they had to say, he wasted no time scheduling an investigation of the premises. Thankfully, he invited Haunted Toledo to join in, shadowing their investigation and helping to document the location.

We arrived last Friday night at 7pm. It’s an old building, constructed in 1887, a little over 50 years after the city of Toledo was founded. Jupmode is the latest business in a long and varied history of businesses that have operated here. After introductions were made, we were taken on a tour of the building and shown the various areas where strange events were said to have taken place.

The first investigative session of the night took me to the basement with PSEI researcher Paul Kozbial and Brittany, an associate of Jupmode.

The basement of Jupmode.

Within minutes of entering the basement, all three of us heard what sounded like a small piece of metal hitting the floor. Being in the building trades by day, the sound instantly reminded me of the “ping”-sound a duplex nail makes when falling from a significant height and hitting bare concrete. Not necessarily proof of the paranormal, but an examination of the area revealed no nails or other pieces of metal laying about in the general area of the sound.

During an EVP session, two notable things occurred. As Paul was asking questions, a device known as a Tribometer registered a sudden burst of static electricity. The Mel-Meter triggered a few times as well. Whenever Paul asked if there were any entities present who might have lived or worked in the building, the meter spiked several points higher than usual. No other question elicited that kind of response.

In other areas of the building, events were just as ambivalent, but there was just enough weirdness to grab your attention. In fact, a strange, dark anomaly was witnessed on one of the many nightvision cameras stationed throughout the building that, so far, defies explanation. The best piece of evidence, though, wouldn’t present itself until the last session of the night.

In a spirit box session conducted by Al Luna in the showroom, an entity was heard calling for help. A voice was repeatedly heard coming over the speaker saying, “Help!”

PSEI investigators also determined a possible source of the scraping sound coming from the second story. Upon investigating this part of the building, they made note of an axe laying on the floor. Could this be what was making the “dragging” sound that was being heard by staff on the first floor? If so, who, or what, was responsible for moving it around?

So, what’s going on at Jupmode? John and his staff are certain of their experiences at the Adams Street business. Initial evidence would seem to.suggest that this location at least deserves additional research and investigation.

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Christopher Tillman

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