New Clues About “Crybaby Lane”

With over 2000 page clicks, the brief entry on a potential haunted hotspot in or near Elmore, Ohio has become the most viewed page on the Haunted Toledo website so far.

My appeals to the readership for any information concerning the location of the house and/or tales associated with it has generated quite a lot of interest and more than a handful of solid leads.

Mandy* saw the photo and remembered seeing it during a road trip to Fremont some twenty years ago. As they passed, she was told the story and says she clearly remembers the house.

Bob* wrote in saying he knows exactly where the house is, or was. Bob says the house is off County Road 74 in Gibsonburg and is on land that is now owned by Sandusky County, just a mile away from Elmore.

Photo credit: Google Maps

Photo credit: Google Maps

According to Bob, the house is no longer standing, but the foundation is still visible. The location, he says, is well known by the locals in the area as both a party spot for youngsters and for the old legends that surround the place. Having lived and worked in the same area, Bob is familiar with the legend.

As the story he heard goes, the house is said to have burned down while a baby was still trapped inside. Supposedly, visitors to the location are still able to hear the sounds of a ghostly baby crying to this day.

There’s just one problem. Bob says the house burned down with the baby inside. In the picture I posted, the house is still clearly standing, or at least was at one time. It certainly looks abandoned, but definitely not burnt to the ground.

Did Bob get his legends and locations mixed up? Is the house he knows of a different legend altogether? Or, has the legend, itself, been warped over time?

I’ll keep you posted.

The location of this house is said to be somewhere in or around Elmore, Ohio. It’s exact address is unknown.


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