Pine Hall

Sometimes, just sometimes, a place is SO haunted that it doesn’t even exist!

Such is the story of Pine Hall.

According to the few websites that list this place, it is allegedly located somewhere in the city of Maumee. As the story goes, Pine Hall is haunted by at least one elderly ghost, but maybe as many as two elderly ghosts!

One site I’ve been to says they are a couple, male and female, who spend their afterlife wandering the rooms and halls of the building, hanging on to the past and appearing to visitors only on certain occasions.

Even though this legend has all the earmarks of an oral tradition that got its facts mixed up with a different tale, I list it here as a heads-up to other researchers. No reason for all of us to chase our tales.

Address unknown

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Maumee, Pam Strassner

Lucas County, Forgotten Ohio

Lucas County, Ohio Exploration

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