Route 66 Cemetery

Local folklore is often filled with specific tales which take place at vague locations. This is one of those tales.

In an unidentified cemetery somewhere on Route 66, in or just outside, Spencerville, there is a small bench made of three cement slabs.

As the story goes, if you should be daring enough to sit on this bench, the souls of the deceased that haunt the cemetery will grab you and hold you in place until you join them… in death.

At the moment, every telling of this legend I can find consistently fails to offer the name of the actual cemetery where this is said to happen.

One possible location for this tale could be Spencerville Cemetery. Further exploration is needed in order to confirm or rule out this particular cemetery.

I’ll keep you informed.

Spencerville Cemetery is located at Route 66 and Kolter Road in Spencerville, Ohio.

Haunted Ohio IV,” by Chris Woodyard (c) 1997

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