Sedamsville Rectory To Cease Ghost Hunts

I just read the bad news: Sedamsville Rectory is going to stop offering access to paranormal investigations. No more ghosts hunts. Ever.

According to an annoucement on the location’s Facebook page, posted on June 26, paranormal investigations will no longer be permitted.

After September 10th, the Rectory will find another use. One that in no way involves paranormal. The Archdioceses will be working diligently with us to make the Rectory a safe place with periodic visits. Shutting the doors of Sedamsville Rectory to investigations permanently is the best thing for everyone.

But, there might be a bright side. In addition to news of the Rectory’s closing to ghost hunts, new locations of some sort have been found, or acquired, that might be open to paranormal investigators in the future.

We’ll keep you posted through social media and our website, when we allow investigators to explore these other locations.

What kinds of locations they may be and the types of activity that allegedly takes place in them, they did not say.

As of July 1st, the Sedamsville Rectory website has not been updated to include a similar announcement.

Haunted Toledo will keep you updated with any new developments as they happen.

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Christopher Tillman

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