The Citi Theater

According to OhioExploration, Club Bijou was once called The Esquire. The club served as an out-of-town hangout for the mobsters of Chicago and Detroit. Many murders are said to have occurred in the building during the days of prohibition and the mobs.

A ghost known as Billy was said to roam the building, appearing in the shadows.

There was a pizza parlor that used to sit next to the club when it was known as the Citi Theater. The two Mexican brothers who ran the pizza parlor were said to haunt the club, one being a trouble-maker.

The building was demolished around 2007-2008 to make way for a new sports arena.

The Citi Theater was demolished to make room for the Huntington Center.

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Christopher Tillman

Author | Filmmaker | Speaker Christopher Tillman has been actively exploring claims of the paranormal since 1993. He currently resides in Toledo, Ohio.

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