The Legend Of Gibbs Bridge

Seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, on the western edge of Lucas County, sits a small, one-lane bridge that spans the muddied waters of Ten-Mile Creek. Like most dark, lonely bridges found on any one of Ohio’s dark, lonely roads, Gibbs Bridge, too, has earned a reputation as being haunted.

Credit: Christopher Tillman (c) October 2015

Credit: Christopher Tillman (c) October 2015

I’m not sure yet how or when the legends surrounding Gibbs Bridge started, but, in recent years, there seems to be no shortage of eyewitnesses to the strange events that seem to take place there.

Despite the apparent lack of any recorded accidents or deaths, rumors continue to describe this bridge as being the location of numerous deadly traffic accidents and at least one suicide. Paranormal investigators and thrill-seekers alike continue to report experiencing paranormal phenomena at the bridge that has no rational explanation.

Credit: Christopher Tillman (c) October 2015

Credit: Christopher Tillman (c) October 2015

From hearing sounds of phantom cars crashing into each other and the ghostly giggling of children to seeing dark figures and mists appear out of nowhere, Gibbs Bridge attracts the curiosity of many and is quickly becoming a popular paranormal hotspot in the northwest Ohio area. But, such popularity is also becoming an annoyance to those who live in the area of the bridge.

For every person who seeks to witness the mystery of Gibbs Bridge, there’s a nearby neighbor or two who have grown tired of its notoriety. People who live, or have lived, in the area of Gibbs Bridge all say the stories of paranormal activity aren’t true and are just tales told by bored kids who like to hang out on the bridge, drinking and getting high.

Credit: Christopher Tillman (c) October 2015

Credit: Christopher Tillman (c) October 2015

In recent years, there have been reports of visitors to the bridge being chased off by dark-colored pickup trucks and gun-wielding neighbors. There is at least one recorded incident in which a man chased off bridge-goers with a shotgun. The person responsible was detained by police and the incident appears to be an isolated occurrence, but that hasn’t stopped a whole slew of new rumors concerning “crazed gunmen” from making the rounds.

Of all the rumors surrounding Gibbs Bridge, only one is known to be rooted in fact: The local police are often seen patrolling the area.

Gibbs Bridge is located on Gibbs Road, just off Sylvania-Metamora Road, between Sylvania, Ohio and Berkey, Ohio.

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