Whitehouse Smallpox Cemetery

Somewhere along the lonely stretch of Archbold- Whitehouse Road, it is said there is a small cemetery, seemingly forgotten, and hidden from sight in the nearby countryside.

There’s no apparent road that will take you to this cemetery, even though there is a fence which surrounds it. In its center, there is a hill where the victims of a smallpox outbreak have been laid to rest.

As the story goes, visitors to this cemetery, especially around sunset, have reported seeing the ghost of a young girl standing atop the hill.

Eyewitnesses say this girl is about 13 years of age and she has been seen, arm raised, pointing south.

What is she trying to tell visitors? No one knows. No one has ever hung around for too long to find out.

Others who have been here claim to feel a heavy presence following them, shadowing their every move. Some have said they have even heard their name spoken by some unseen presence. Was it the voice of the phantom girl?

This cemetery is still unidentified, but all claims seem to point to the same stretch of Archbold-Whitehouse Road. Attempts have been made to contact eyewitnesses for further information about their experiences, but there’s been no luck so far.

I’ll keep you informed of any developments.

This unidentified cemetery is located somewhere along Archbold-Whitehouse Road in or near Whitehouse, Ohio.

Whitehouse, Ohio Ghost Sightings, Ghosts of America

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